Poliklinika croatia split

Write down the GPS coordinates we've on our file for this health facility. If you believe that any from the knowledge is incorrect, please get in touch with us. Support us be better day-by-day. Seek All Countries. All Croatia.

All Countries.

poliklinika croatia split

Find a hospital in Croatia. When it comes to the caliber of support offered by a health center. Now, as a result of health care insurance, you will no longer should spend lots of cash on your own treatment options all you need to do is find a great hospital.

This health center. Make confident Poliklinika Cito has experience dealing with the particular difficulty you might have, since your community hospital. If you might be not completely certain about gonna Poliklinika Cito but cannot afford a far more high-priced one, you are able to question some of their people how their experience using this type of health center.

GPS Contact information This is definitely the most recent speak to information we've:. We strongly recommend contacting this hospital. It's never a good idea to compromise for the best cost-effective health facility.

Poliklinika MediDerm [ Split ] Health treatment insurance providers warranties to provide you with the perfect therapies, that can help you to conserve your lifestyle and keep away from aggravating diseases.

Uđite u svijet stručne i tehnološki napredne zdravstvene usluge.

If you will have a policy having a medical health insurance and you are considering visiting a consultant in Poliklinika MediDermmake sure you request what deals they have got together with your insurance firm to help make your pay a visit to as inexpensive as you possibly can. WAGNER [ Split ] When you demand a consultation, make sure you ask if the therapy you need is covered from your individual insurance carrier or if it is taken care of free of cost.

Institut za pomorsku medicinu [ Split ] Now, thanks to medical insurance, you will no longer should spend a fortune on your own therapies all that you should do is find a very good health facility. If you are searching to get admitted to a health center.Poliklinika Podobnik offers women a vast variety of medical services in modern and well-equipped facilities performed by a team of highly qualified experts and specialized doctors.

Women of all ages are welcome as we provide services in all the medical fields of the female life phases. Maternity and gynecology, genetics, medical conception, delivery, gynecological clinic and neurology are amongst the main fields of medicine we specialize in. This maternity clinic and outpatient hospital is unlike any in Croatia offering woman luxurious facilities for numerous medical services while in the hands of the most professional doctors and specialized physicians.

The private Maternity hospital finally offers women in Croatia the luxury of giving birth using the methods and medical assistance they prefer. Delivery options include, water birth, birthing stool, or a high-tech birthing delivery chair which adjusts to numerous different positions for added comfort during delivery. Similarly epidural anesthesia and delivery by caesarean section are also available.


After the delivery of the baby via c-section the woman is monitored in intensive care and thereafter moved to a private apartment in which she will remain until she has fully recovered days.

All private apartments include a fully-equipped bathroom with large shower, LCD television with DVD player, climate control, wireless internet, telephone, radio, and an added service is the choice of gourmet meal options daily.

The newborn baby can be by the mothers side whenever the mother wishes and fathers are encouraged to be present during the delivery. A specialized team of doctors and nurses will continuously monitor the recovery of the mother along with the development of the newborn baby.

From medical conception, to the very first ultra-sound to the birth and release of the mother and child, the team at Poliklinika Podobnik will be there to follow you through each step of the process with the utmost professionalism and compassion. The Neurological Outpatient clinic features a wide variety of neurological testing, diagnostics and treatments for various neurological diseases and conditions.

Enquire below for more information, prices or to schedule an appointment. We look forward to meeting you. My Guide Croatia highly recommends Poliklinika Podobnik. Sparta Gym offers experienced and first time visitors a wide range of fitness facilities and body training equipment Fitness Centar XXL provides members with state of the art fitness and exercise equipment along with numerous group classes and personal trainers Beauty Center Gordana, is a state of the art beauty center owned by highly qualified and experienced beautician, Gordana Kokic At Poliklinika Sinteza, experience a new approach to your health problems, we invite you to meet our team of internationally renowned physicians and staff dedicated to pa.

Me-Dent Polyclinic center for regenerative medicine and cosmetic surgery is a state of the art health center offering patients a wide variety of procedures with a focus o. Vita Sports Clubs are present at three locations across Zagreb.

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Vita features state of the art fitness equipment and facilities along with numerous group classes and pers. Beauty Centar Afrodita provides men and women, superior facial and body treatments using Afrodita products Luxury and tranquility await you at Rixos Spa and Wellness in Dubrovnik.

Situated in one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, Rixos provides you with an oasis of relax. Guliver Energija Health and Beauty Center offers health, beauty and recreation all in one place. Spanning across sq.

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Login to create your guides for Croatia. If you are interested in becoming a local travel partner and would like to find out more then click for more info about our Website Business Opportunity.When sick in your home country, you know exactly what to do and where to go.

That all changes once you move to a foreign place. All you want is care, and yet there are several hurdles to go through before you even see a doctor. Most people find an English-speaking doctor is by referral from a friend, colleague, or other English-speaking local. If you are not yet plugged in to the local expat community, the easiest way to get a recommendation is to post on one of the many Croatia expat Facebook groups.

poliklinika croatia split

In addition, the US Embassy in Zagreb has created this nifty list of English-speaking doctors in Croatia broken down by city. Once you get a recommendation, keep in mind that not all doctors are created equal. Only public doctors are covered under HZZO. For private doctors, out of pocket fees can range from to kuna depending on the specialty and the service. To search for a doctor more effectively, we have created two lists to help you out. The first is a list of the types of doctors and doctor offices translated into English and Croatian.

You can search and filter this list here. The second list covers medical practices and specialties. It is also translated into both English and Croatian and is easily searchable and filterable.

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Once you know the Croatian name for the doctor or practice, you can better find the physician you need. If you are only in Croatia temporarily, then your best bet is to visit a poliklinika. A poliklinika is a larger practice that usually has doctors from multiple specialties on staff. They are usually not covered by state health insurance and are considered by private. Since poliklinika practices are private, there is a much higher chance of the staff speaking English.

Aina November 20, pm.Kompletna obrada srca, poliklinika Split, Hrvatska. OBAD posluje od U sklopu djelatnosti najpoznatiji su po kompletnoj obradi srca. Ognjen Vela. Hvala vam Lijep pozdrav. Hvala Lijep pozdrav. Pregled kardiologa je kn,a holter ekg kn. Hvala vam LIjep pozdrav. Pregled kardiologa i holter ekg su privatno. Pregled kardiologa je kn a holter ekg kn.

Hvala lijep pozdrav. Postovani da li radite preko uputnice Holter EKG ,treba mi za tatu. Lp Marijana Lukac. Molim vas da mi javite neki termin za pregled kod dr. Pregled je za mog muza. Inace je mom muzu zgodno doci samo petkom posto dosta putuje. Prvi slobodni termini bi bili sredinom travnja.

Hvala, Ana Jelaska. Trenutno je uzv. Ako ne radite na uputnicu, molim da mi javite cijene. Hvala, lp Ivo. Molim vas dali radite uz abdomena preko hzzo i koliko se ceka Hvala unapred. Hvala, LP. Lijep pozdrav!Around a year ago, I sat, thinking about the big 4. Being older did not bother me at all. I was happy with my family and my business.

But I was depressed over being so fat. I have spent the last four decades doing a lot. Not even close to everything on my bucket list — but I am not complaining about all my worldly travels, having two gorgeous children, a husband, and two thriving businesses between us.

poliklinika croatia split

I have filled several passports visiting over 20 countries, sharing a half dozen of those new countries with my 6-year-old Little Donkey explorer. While I was there, I had just weeks before turning 40, and unlike when I was about to turn 30 — I did not care. I was stupid. Chasing the Donkey had beaten cancer — twice, and I had nothing to be unhappy about.

So, then, why a decade later, was I not even one bit afraid, worried, or even the least bit troubled about turning forty? In MarchI weighed a staggering 87 kilos pounds for your US folkthe most I have ever weighed even pregnant!

I had started drinking protein shakes on and off instead of eating thinking it would help. I was 65kg when I got pregnant with my oldest child and knew I should already be back at that healthy weight range; after all, my youngest was already a year old. After moving from Australia to Croatia six years agoI realized that I could do anything I put my mind to.

After giving birth to two beautiful boys, trying super hard to learn a new language, starting a business is a foreign country, and essentially starting my life over.

I just knew I had to focus and get serious. My birthday came and went, so did Christmas, the New Year, and I was heading spring before I told myself I had wasted enough time. As many of you already know, in FebruaryI had dental work done at Bagatinand my smile was forever changed.

While at Poliklinika Bagatin Zagreb, I saw all the options for beauty and body treatments they offer. I followed along with their social media and kept thinking about trying the body treatments. I recall talking to a friend who wanted to try Med Contour and laser body treatment for weight loss and cellulite reduction — and telling her she would be wasting her money.

I was advised to come into the Zagreb office of Poliklinika Bagatin for a consultation and to discuss my options. I drove from Zadar to Zagrebalong with my 7-year-old sidekick, to see what options I had. Along the drive, I explained to my son that Mama was going to get healthier and was going to talk to some ladies who could help her.

He told me he hoped that I would be healthy for a long time — so I could stay alive a long time to be with him. His comment took me by surprise, and it brought me to the edge of tears as I drove along the A1 headed to Zagreb. It was on the way to the Bagatin appointment that I swore to myself that no matter what, I would spend the next year getting fit.

Losing weight and being more active. At my appointment, I met with Kristina Ukalovic, the head of the department.

Kristina was kind and supportive as she assessed my body — to see what treatment options would best suit me. I stood there, in my undergarments, exposed, and feeling like I had really let myself down. That full-length mirror I was looking into made me sick.

Bagatin Body Treatments: Poliklinika Bagatin Split & Zagreb

Kristina explained to me what non-invasive methods the clinic could offer — and which ones would suit me best.For the best experience, please log into your Weebly account using the link in the upper right corner. Preview and Publish a Site The Weebly editor provides a pretty good picture of how your site will look when published, but you can also get an actual preview of both mobile and desktop. In this Article Was this article helpful. All IE versions add extra space at the bottom without this.

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